Sobering Data

In the midst of all the great News about 9% growth and all those sparkling new Shopping Malls in India, it is really a sobering reading in today


With a +9% plus economic growth, rising stock prices and many people becoming richer, Indians should be getting happier, more fulfilled, and feeling better about life, right?

No. On the contrary, India, along with Pakistan and Egypt figures near the bottom  of the table of nations, as per the first survey to rank nations in terms of prosperity. The three countries are better than only Zimbabwe.

The survey by Legatum, a privately owned Dubai-based international investment  firm, through its Legatum Prosperity Index, saw a three-way tie between Norway, Sweden and the United States for the title of the most prosperous nation.

Clearly all such surveys have their errors and I am sure that there are many countries below India, but this is not the zone where India should be.

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  1. Kendall

    Coming from the US perspective, although many prosper here many do not. I think the proper way to measure is what percentage of the population prosper and not just the GDP

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