Smarter Planet by IBM

IBM announced an interesting initiative — called Smarter Planet.

What they show is that we’re all connected, today like never before: economically, socially and technically. When a crisis occurs on one part of the planet, it can bring problems to another part, within days or even hours.

Yet this challenge is also an opportunity, and now is the time to seize it. People around the world are ready for change. And the planet is ready for it, too. Today, we are seeing the infusion of intelligence into the way the world literally works—the systems and processes that enable…
physical goods to be developed, manufactured, bought and sold;
services to be delivered;
everything from people and money to oil, water and electrons to move;
and billions of people to work and live.

This project and the Planetary Skin project mentioned earlier on this blog suggest that we need to view the word we live in as a gigantic EventWeb and develop techniques to analyze these. A real nice challenge for researchers in computer science.

2 thoughts on “Smarter Planet by IBM

  1. House Plans

    We are definitely connected more than ever and I think it’s causing more problems than it’s helping, especially in economical/job issues. Everyone used to be able to support themselves by raising their own food, sewing their own clothing, everything. There wasn’t big industry, so thousands of people didn’t lose their jobs at once, and those that did lose a “job” could still move into something else easily while supporting themselves. Today we are so specialized and dependent on others that it’s a disaster if one part of the system breaks down, we don’t have the skills to move on as fast. I think we need to focus more on the people rather than the processes to create a world that is more balanced. We are producing more than we need while there is still hunger, and that’s only one issue we have to deal with.

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