Sitting among packed boxes

Finally the day has arrived. I am sitting among packed boxes. Most of the things are already packed in our house. Tomorrow morning the rest will be packed.

This week will change lots of things for me.

Our home will be changed — from San Diego to Irvine.

Neil is getting his apartment and though he lived last two years in Santa Barbara, but this is the first time we feel that he is really moving out of the home.

My office furniture is finally arriving tomorrow — so far I was living with temporary furniture and hence was never settled.

So by next week, I will be starting the next term at Irvine in a really new setting.

Leaving behind so many friend and family members one hour away is a bit saddening, but the gaining some stability after about 4-5 years of maintaining two residences, is very satisfying. I am looking forward to that.

One thought on “Sitting among packed boxes

  1. Arun

    Congratulations! Here’s wishing you all the happiness that a home brings with it. Amongst the many people who will be keen to see you in your new home, count me as one. Post a picture soon — and don’t forget to let us know the view.

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