Seraja — towards a new incarnation

Good technology does not necessarily mean a successful company. I was trying to build the first generation of EventWeb through It appears that Seraja did not grow as we wanted it to and hence we are facing a touch decision — what to do?

Based on feedback from many different sources, it is clear that the technology has potential and its time has come. So we are thinking how to make sure that the technology developed can continue to grow. One possibility is to make it available to interested people in some kind of ‘open platform’ — but without much support.

On the other hand, we are also exploring how to bring the technology to UC Irvine and maybe build a site
with the current technoogy and make sure that we keep it growing.

We will make some of these decisions soon. In the mean time, I am very pleased with the seraja team and thankful to them first in joining me in this journey and then being so patient and understanding during tough time. In particular Rajesh Jain demonstrated what a true entrepreneur does — he was always very supportive and was generous in his investment and moral support. And he is the one who suggested that we should try to find a way to keep seraja technology not only alive but if possibly put it in an environment where it could grow — without worrying about his investment. When Seraja technology is successful in bringing eventweb to life, he will see that his encouragement, support, and investment did what he wanted to do — bring something exciting to society.

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