Search by humming

Search for music by humming a tune has been a topic of research in academia for some time.  Now it seems there is something that really is going to be avaialble.  Based on a report and the beta site of the company,, it appears that technology is ready for use.

Midomi has a very interesting business concept.  It combines search by humming with the ideas that made made youtube and myspace popular.  It has all tools to build communities and commerce.  So you can buy a song from famous artists as well as record your own songs, listen to popular songs but not by original artists by other people, rate them, build communities around artists etc.

Interesting site. 

2 thoughts on “Search by humming

  1. TJP

    It’s a wonderful marketing tactic, since many radio listeners fail to catch the name of the song. Of course, it could never overtake Apple iTunes because Midomi doesn’t have a high margin mp3 player along with its web service.

    Though I admire the creativity in the business model. Well done.

  2. tera RMT

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