RIP My four legged son

RIP Osito. My four legged son, and my BFF.

Osito in Laguna Beach.  He was a star attraction at all public places.

I still remember July 1996 when Swati brought home a small creature that we could hold in our palm — and we fell in love with him. Suzi name him Osito. Neil became his best buddy. And Sudha, well he became the most important ‘person’ in her life. In all our life. Juarez family loved him and he did them.

After 16+ years of unconditional love, enjoyment, and friendship, he decided to leave the way he always was — without giving any problem to us and peacefully. He never has any health problems — but old age started making him without hearing, smell, and eyesight. Last few months were difficult for him, but he was still the same: energetic, demanding for love and food, and waiting for us.

Hey, Osito, we loved you so much and liked everything about you. Just one complain — why couldn’t you wait for your Mom and me to come back home from our trip. Maybe Adolpho is right — you just wanted to peacefully leave us without any hassle.

You will always be part of our life.

RIP, Osito.

3 thoughts on “RIP My four legged son

  1. Santhosh


    Sorry to hear about Osito. You are blessed to have received 16 years of unconditional (Ok, other than food and the occasional belly rub) love and joy from Osito.
    I have 2 Labrador and an American Eskimo (swooped off the streets :)) so I know your feelings.


  2. Sandra Barker

    I feel sorry for what happened to your precious dog. I have dogs at home too. And I love them just the way you love your dog. The thing is, I’m also afraid of them leaving me in the future. They are one of the most precious creature ever made by God. Thank you for your share. Hoping you’re okay now.

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