Representing events

Recently I coauthored a research paper with G. Utz Westermann in International Journal of Semantic Web and Information Systems. The abstract of the paper is given below and the paper is available here.

The nature of information has changed significantly in the last two decades. Now information
is multimedia, sensitive to its spatio-temporal roots, live, and dynamic. Current database and
search technology is very limited in addressing organization, management, and access of
emerging information systems. In this paper, we address some of the fundamental issues that
must be addressed in general multimedia information management systems. We present
multimedia electronic chronicles (e-chronicles) as an example of emerging systems that need
such technology. We believe that to deal with dynamic information, events should be used as the
fundamental basis in organizing and accessing information. Event models used in our approach
capture the semantics involved in supporting e-chronicles. Our ideas are demonstrated in the
context of an e-chronicle that is being implemented for a reconnaissance application using
multiple disparate sensors.

This paper gives our thoughts on how event information should be organized. We have implemented this representation and we are using it in multiple applications. People who may be interested in using this can contact me and we will make the system available subject to university rules.

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