Reflecting on your life

Many projects like LifeLog, myLifeBits, and eChronicles started to keep track of life memories. In fact UK has a computing Grand Challenge called “Memories for Life” that is related to this. People find it fascinating to save their experiences and then revisit them, share them, and reflect on life using those. Most of the above projects required use of many special devices that were to be used for collecting your experiences.

The world has changed in the last few years. Most of us now carry a smart phone — or soon-to-become smart phone – with us all the time. And that device — I hesitate to call it a phone — collects many of our experiences using built in sensors and connectivity. We can simply use the experiences collected non-intrusively or somewhat voluntarily with least effort to provide an early version of LifeLog that could be used effectively by most of us.

mChron (Disclosure: I am a co-founder) has just announced availability of an alpha version of their software on Android. So if you have an android, you could become an alpha-user for this software. Just send me a mail. The product description says:

iReflect is a fun and exciting application which lets you review, reminisce, enjoy, and analyze your life experiences. Planning a surprise for your anniversary but forgot where you went on your first date? Fear no more, iReflect reminds and allows you to recall if your loved one enjoyed the place or not! Relax and remember the good times while iReflect does all the work for you. You will be able to reflect on your social, professional, or fitness activities such as the emotions you and your friends felt watching your team win its first championship or if going to the gym with certain people is helping you reach your fitness goals or not. iReflect automatically collects your life experiences and allows you to recall key instances by organizing and examining conversation streams, activities, photos, and calendar events.

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    Don’t you feel the supressions of SOME memories is a key part of being able to cope and grow and learn as an adult. If we remember every little thing that ever way and ever happened to us, I think we would all still be terrified of monsters under our bed!

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