Reality is funnier than satire on SNL

I try to stay away from politics in my blog, and this is no exception – though it may sound like political.

Sara Palin’s interview by Katie Couric on CBS and its satire on Saturday Night Live are something that one must see — you can easily find these on net. In SNL they used exactly the same language — the language from the real interview. But the real interview is funnier than the SNL. No that is not because Tina Fey’s acting — she did a great job, but somehow the real thing is still the real thing and is funnier.

Too bad that Mr John McCain found a running mate who is so naive. I respect him, but this selection has made me think whether he really cares for the country and what kind of team building ability he has. It is nice to be a maveric, but in the name of maveric, one should not select totally incompetent people. There is a difference in a maveric and an incompetent person. I thought an experienced person like him knows that.

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