Progress in digital cameras

There is a review of Photokina in  It points out:

  Kodak cameras include some bells-and-whistles designed to help newcomers used to pointing and shooting learn about manual controls. But the overall design seems to acknowledge that long-term consumer loyalty may come down to the quality of a photo the camera can produce in automatic mode, and how easy it is to do stuff with the photo–whether e-mailing it, uploading it to the Web or printing it and sending it to the grandparents.

I recently bought Casio’s EXILIM Z1000 for less than $400.  It has 10.1 Mega pixels and is loaded with interesting electronic features.  I love the best shot settings and the ability to zoom into a picture — where a little window in a window shows where I am.  A great navigation help.

I think, all these cameras are really making photography a powerful experiential documentation media.

And yes, the camera takes very high quality MPEG4 movies.  So I really don’t need any video camera.  I replaced my old Casio S500 with this one.  This is a bit bigger form factor, but not bad.

2 thoughts on “Progress in digital cameras

  1. SEO Philadelphia

    You are right, digital cameras had such an impact on photography field that the old reel cameras are almost gone now. We can control the resolution in these cameras, whether we want 4 mega Pixel (mp) picture or 8 MP but we couldn’t do the same in non-digital cameras.

    So there is no such point in comparing digital ones with non-digital but somehow those ones also served the human very well, when these flashy ultra modern giants were not there. Anyways, what’s next to digital cameras?

  2. Camera accessories

    I also had Casio S500 and have later replaced by the g1 and it is quite a good piece of machinery. I REALLY wish that i would have waited! I new that they would be coming out with a g series with video. I just didn’t think so soon!I cant wait to see the “HD” specs for it! If its 1080i @ atleast 30 frames per second. I will probably sell my g1 for the g1 hd with video! But right at this point in time.

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