Prague is pretty impressive

On the way back from Bulgaria, I decide to spend about two days in Prague. I had heard that Prague is a beautiful city and that turned out to be a correct statement. Prague has beuatiful old buildings, typical European charm of roadside cafes, lots of history, and good shops. I enjoyed my time here — now I leave early morning tomorrow.

In addition to seeing Prague, I went to country side to a village. My daughter Swati’s best friend lives there — she lives in La Jolla also, but she is from that village and took me there to meet her family and friends. This was an interesting experience. Visiting a group of people who don’t speak the languages you do, spending time with them in a bar, and walking around in that village — all this is very interesting. It also shows how similar are human beings — the life there reminded me of life in villages in India. Of course, ths village is a Czech village — which is surprisingly quite clean, neat, well organized place — but the life is same peaceful, at your pace and close to nature. I enjoyed it.

There was a lot of time for different thoughts to be wandering through my head. ANd one of the thing that is on my mind now is the role of events — not only in technical terms, but also how efficient (or should I say inefficient) are current search systems and portals in finding events. More on this coming soon.

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