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Most people buy video cameras and make many videos of their friends and families. It is common that people make many more videos when they buy camera. ANd in many cases people buy video cameras when they get their first child or after wedding when they go on their honeymoon. These videos are collected but not much seen. The reason has been that the video editing systems are usually very difficult to learn and hence only professional video-editors learn those systems. I am a multimedia enthusiast and I learnt Premier long time ago but editied one short movie just to train myself. I never used it later.

The difficulty in video editing and video access (see the wired article mentioned earlier on this site) has resulted in most of the home videos never getting the views that they should get.

Pictureal, a company co-founded by Yogesh Sharma and Sanjay Sharma, is doing something about it. They have a service that will take your videos and convert them to a nice ‘production’ using what I would call assisted techniques. Their approach is to use professional video-editors but to use technology as much as possible to gain efficiency in routine production work flow of these produced video. You can send all your raw footage to them and then interact with what magic they will do to your video so you are the one who is really telling the story behind the video. They become editor for you.

The videos produced by this site are really impressive. I just had a nice conversation with Yogesh and found that what they have is just the beginning. They have many interesting plans and will be doing interesting thigs to your videos.

I like the concept of providing reasonably priced video editing services to masses to convert their home videos to their ‘home production’ using the videographers from Pictureal. It may be worth visiting their site — www.pictureal.com.
I liked their tag line: Your memories on demand.

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  1. Timothy

    Ramesh, what happened to PictuReal? I visited its website and it is now Personiva with a totally different product.

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