Phone as a Guide in Real World

It was going to happen — but did not anticipate that it will happen so soon.

Cell phones will use GPS to bridge the cyberspace with the physical world — a nice story in NYT today.

If you stand on a street corner in Tokyo today you can point a specialized cellphone at a hotel, a restaurant or a historical monument, and with the press of a button the phone will display information from the Internet describing the object you are looking at.

The new service is made possible by the efforts of three Japanese companies and GeoVector, a small American technology firm, and it represents a missing link between cyberspace and the physical world.

The phones combine satellite-based navigation, precise to within 30 feet or less, with an electronic compass to provide a new dimension of orientation. Connect the device to the Internet and it is possible to overlay the point-and-click simplicity of a computer screen on top of the real world.

5 thoughts on “Phone as a Guide in Real World

  1. James Helliwell

    I sail around the Caribbean and my phone is indispensable for downloading emails and its always cool to compare what the phone says and what the onboard yacht gps says. Sometimes it says my boat is on land!!

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