Perth is a nice place

I have been in Perth, Western Australia, for the last 3 + days.  Visiting here my long time friend Sveth Venkatesh and meeting her research grop to discuss interesting research ideas.  Equally important and in some respect more fun has been meeting Venkatesh, Svetha’s husband, and enjoying Perth with them.

Perth is a great place.  I did not know it was so beautiful and the climate will be so wonderful.  It does remind you of California area in many respects.

Sudha and I found this to be a very enjoyable place so far.  The city is not big, but is beautiful.  It is also a good combination of old and new.  It has good parks, beautiful beaches, and nice restaurants.  Some good Indian restaurants.  We visited Swan Valley and visited some wineries — was fun.  Clearly Australian wine is becoming very good.

On technical side, it was really nice to see so many exciting projects going on in Svetha’s group.  But that is a topic I will like to talk separately sometime soon.

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