Osito — The cutest thing

Like every pet’s parents, we are very proud of our little baby — who is now more than 10 year old (so in human years is now 70year young). In addition to being one of the best behaved — not obedient — but best behaved, he is the cutest thing in the world!!! When we take him to the beach or to a mall, one can see that within the radius of about 50 feet, all eyes are glued on him and every body’s face has smile. People come to us and want to pet him — want to know about him and where can they get one like him.

Why am I telling you all this? Well today it exceeded the amount of attention that we have seen. He got his seasonal haircut 2 days ago and we took him to our regular weekend morning to Laguna Beach. At least 15-20 people stopped and wanted to take his picture and wanted to be photographed with him. The time we heard that he is the cutest thing they have seen exceeded every other time. Tired of all this, when people asked us what breed he is — in place of regular answer Pomeranian — I tried ‘he is not a dog, he is a koala bear’ and saw interesting reaction like yes he does look one, but is he really?

So I thought that I will shamelessly talk about my ‘baby’ here today. By the way, when we came back, I thought I should also try haircut and see reaction of people. Unfortunately no body asked me for taking photographs so far.

Here are some photos that I decided to shae with you of Osito.

Osito before his haircut on the boardwalk in Laguna Beach:

Osito before haircut.

Here I am including three pictures, after haircut in his bed, on his favorite seat on sofa, and at house.

in bed

favorite seat

At house

2 thoughts on “Osito — The cutest thing

  1. Bradley Horowitz

    He is absolutely adorable…

    Rashi is not quite as cute, but still stops traffic wherever we go… Folks want to know where we got a “black ridgeback.” Even when folks don’t ask me directly, they point at her and whisper. I’ve also got my “standard answers” that I must have repeated a thousand times.

    Osito is really something! His personality really comes through in these photos. Bring him to Santa Barbara!

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Last time when I was at your place and saw Rashi waiting for you, that reminded me how Osito used to do — very similar. Their sizes are different, but affectionate nature seems to be the same.
    Unfortunately Osito is not going to be there — worse, Sudha is also not coming.

    I am eager to meet you and hear your talk.

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