Indian Obsession with Non-issues

Sometimes societies so remarkable obsession with non-issues. Real issues are not even considered and non-issues take center stage. Patriotism in many forms in India seems to be going in the similar direction. Indian flag, commonly called tri colours, keeps on becoming an issue all the time at trivial places consuming much energy, including this blog, that should go on more constructive issues. An interesting article to read is in Times of India. Some eloquent parts:

Adman Prahlad Kakar agrees. “Though I personally have no problem with wearing the Tricolour in any form, as a country, we don’t have the confidence to flaunt our patriotism on our clothes. It’s useless to make a point in a country that is so sensitive to non-issues.”

We Indians, of course, find the whole idea of any possible ‘disrespect’ caused to our flag as the beginning of the end. But what disrespect are we talking of here? Says Satya Paul’s Puneet Nanda, who designed the controversial ‘saree’ for Mandira Bedi, “If I disrespected something, I wouldn’t flaunt it.”

According to author Shobhaa De , “In a mature, confident democracy, these sort of issues don’t lead to a national crisis or a legal debate. The Tricolour has to be respected and given its due status at all times. But for anyone to put it under a scanner 24×7, and go in search of signs that show ‘disrespect’ does not enhance the position of the flag.

But the flag is just one of the several issues that demonstrate that we have tendency to spend our energies on nonissues and never even think os real issues.

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