Objective Self 6: From an individual to society

An individual is just an individual. And each individual is unique. In a human society, individuals interact and associate in many ways. Also, many human beings are related to each other along many dimensions ranging from their living area, profession, interests, and genetics. Many medical and social problems can only be solved by modeling not an individual in isolation but an individual as an element of a set of individuals that form a social group.

For social and medical scientists a major limitation in forming models for studying systems has been the paucity of data that could be obtained and used. It was not possible to get enough reliable data to form models. The models formed from unreliable or erroneous data only validated the popular saying in computer science: garbage in, garbage out. Unreliable and insufficient data could only lead to unreliable and insufficient models. These limitations resulted in very slow progress in these fields. Much of the progress in health care came from diagnostic techniques, rather than disease models. Diagnostic techniques advanced because they were based more on physical and chemical sciences than medical sciences.

As discussed in the next section, a personicle created for objective self can contribute attributes of a person for computing group or societal attributes. A personicle has objective data collected over long periods. If personicles for many people are available, then it is possible to analyze these personicles to form models for diseases or social aspects by analyzing the data across many dimensions as may be needed. The data collected by an individual for personal benefit may become a rich source of data for building sophisticated models that will help society and in turn will benefit the individual further.

By collecting objective self models for large number of people, it is possible to have a large data set that could be sliced and diced to form precise disease models. Such data models could be dynamic in the sense that as more data is collected, the models are further refined and enhanced.