Obama’s popularity

Obama’s popularity seems to be consistently increasing — not only in USA but all over the planet.

Here is a link to enjoy and see his popularity in India:


2 thoughts on “Obama’s popularity

  1. Detox


    It’s very surprising to see his world wide popularity increase especially in non English countries. I remember seeing a news report about how the folks in Obama Japan are absolutely nuts over him for the obvious reasons!!! They had Obama Shirts on All over the city it was great!

    Derick Detox

  2. dawn

    what do you mean popularity is up? Have you seen the last Rasmusson popularity poll ? How about the last one in OHIO? The reason, I believe, he is so popular overseas is because he is destroying America and people are happy to see us go down the road to socialism. If anyone (overseas) believes he will save them, they had better watch their backs, the polls are what he sets policy by and not overseas polls / they didn’t elect him.

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