Now Video in Radio

NYT has a story on how video is entering traditional radio stations:

The nation’s commercial radio stations have seen the future, and it is in, of all things, video. As a result, the stereotype of a silken-voiced jockey like Mr. Stryker, slumped and disheveled in the studio chair, may never be the same.

Across the country, radio stations are putting up video fare on their Web sites, ranging from a simple camera in the broadcast booth to exclusive coverage of events like the Super Bowl to music videos, news clips and Web-only musical performances.

 For crossover advocates like Fatman, however, audio and video will soon be interchangeable in the D.J.’s repertory. “That’s where it’s going,� he said. “It’s getting to the point where you’re going to have to be good at both.�

Newspapers have also been facing a similar crisis.  It is clear that finally medium is going to be just the medium and message will become the key.  In place of having text, audio, and video as separate media, they will be used in the same platform to make the message most effective.

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