Novatium’s sub $100 NetPC

Novatium announced it at PC — I am delighted to see this coming out of India. This is a carefully thought device that will be useful not only in emerging countries but in niche applications in developed countries also. Most important — many people have been talking about doing this, but Novatium has done it. Way to do it, Rajesh.
(By the way, Rajesh is a very good friend but not a relative — though I’d have loved it if he were.)

Novatium’s $100 thin client PC by ZDNet‘s Dan Farber — At PC Forum Novatium Solutions demoed its $100 PC appliance (without keyboard or display, which adds about $75) for emerging markets. The Nova netPC and Nova netTV are based on thin client (server-based, zero administration for users) and mobile phone technology. “We have the guts of mobile phone and use the business model of phone industry,” […]

3 thoughts on “Novatium’s sub $100 NetPC

  1. Dmitri

    Do you think India has the bandwidth today to support this kind of “network centric-thin client” model of computing ?

    Or is it primarily targeted at corporate houses …allowing them to centralize their computing facilities?

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Today — no; but tomorrow — Yes. High bandwidth connectivity is increasing rapidly in India and is likely to increase rapidly in other emerging parts of the world also. ANother important thing is that availability of such devices will be very synergistic and will accelerate availability of high bandwidth connectivity in these countries.

  3. karun roongta

    I really have doubt about ur idea of NET PC. India, where people do not pay for software they use even they use, and falling price of pc where 125 dollars u get a workable second hand machine finally with loathes of pirated software available its really difficult to commit them for 10 dollar monthly recurring charge .

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