Next Generation Search in 2010

This is that time of the year again when I start thinking and planning my course on Next Generation Search. SInce half of this course is based on emerging techniques in search, I have to carefully plan this part every time I teach the course — otherwise it would not be next generation search.

So what are the real emerging search techniques and what will the near future bring? It seems that the last year or two have been truly revolutionary in this sense. Location based search, Social Networks, and Real Time are really here and are hottest things now. Visual search may finally be taking off as systems like Google Goggle start taking shape. Do we finally see search really going beyond text and rapidly advancing in that direction? This does have very serious implications for not only search but also for everything related to knowledge eco system.

Maybe, I should weave this theme trough my course.

2 thoughts on “Next Generation Search in 2010

  1. Web Graphic Design

    Hello.Good to hear from you again.Like you have rightly mentioned,there have been some great it location based search or social networking etc.Visual search is still in the developmental stage and i believe it’s only a matter of time before visual search make serious inroads in our daily lives.Do keep me updated with the latest.Thanks a lot.

  2. tommy

    in addition to the search techniques you mentioned:
    – collaborative/social searching: if you and i are searching for similar things, can computer interfaces help us both?

    – search across heterogeneous data sources: data comes in many forms: text, structured data, vid, images; we need search interfaces/systems to search across different sources.

    – structured and linked data: how will search across different structured data work? is RDF the answer? or is it too complicated?

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