NewsCorp going Mobile

NYT has a story on News Corp, owner of Fox TV, describing their emphasis on cellular phones or on creating mobile content.

In what is the boldest venture yet by an established media company to insinuate itself into millions of cellphones, the News Corporation has created a mobile entertainment store called Mobizzo and a production studio to focus exclusively on developing cellphone entertainment in much the same way that 20th Century Fox creates movies and television.

What they came up with seems simple: text alerts from a gossip column in a British tabloid, The Sun, and kung fu movie posters and yoga and meditation music from the Star media group in Hong Kong.

But News Corporation executives hope that the store, which is to make its debut today, will capitalize on a nascent but rapidly growing appetite for video, graphics and music on cellphones.

What will be killer applications in this space? I often wonder what is really something that I would really want to get on my Treo or Nokia? Will it be sports highlights? Personal events depicted in phots or videos? Breaking News? Yoga lessons (I have never been in yoga but who knows?)? Or some thing completely new that we have not yet thought about!!

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