New ‘Channels’

Channels on TV used to be broadcast channels in which a company decided what the users should want to see and programmed accordingly. Accordingly, we all became couch potatoes and selected a channel and watched it. When multiple channels became commonplace — we started channel switching and then channel surfing (particularly to avoid commercials).

Now the term channel is starting to take a different meaning. Initially it started by video sites — currently the most popular Youtube — offering special interest channels to which you could subscribe. And now they are taking it further — bringin in more internet culture. On the Web, you are simultaneouly both producer and consumer. So in terms of channels you could be both a couch-potato as well as a channel-broadcaster. Moreover you could be remixing contents from different producers — or even from different channels — and producing your own branded channel.

Well it did happen to text so why not to video?

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