Need: Consolidation of experiences and making them actionable

Paradoxically, the tremendous progress in mobile and internet technology has given rise to numerous sources of information and experiences but has also resulted in large volume of unmanageable data. Currently, our life information and experiences are distributed and isolated in different silos. Consolidation of these sources into actionable information and knowledge could help in enriching, enhancing, and empowering our life. For example: all our communication (texting, voice, email, social networks), events and experiences (photos and videos), activities at different locations, and (soon) health related information is collected and is available on our favorite electronic alter-ego. All that needs to be done is to prospect all this analytically and present it in understandable and actionable form.

I believe that such a device could help people manage their experiences and activities. This is now needed and I hope that such a device emerges in an attractive product form in 2010. I will do my best to help design and develop such a device.

One thought on “Need: Consolidation of experiences and making them actionable

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    Firstly i would like to wish you a very happy new year.This is an interesting point that you have brought up in this post of yours.The main point is to convert these information into actionable information.I wish your wish turns into reality and you are able to design and develop such a device.All the best to you and do keep me updated on this.

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