We have been in Nagpur for the last three days. These have been busy days among family and friends. Both Sudha and I grew up here so we have lots of family and friends here. This is where we met and got married. We both went to schools and colleges here and went through all the things that young people used to do in this city. So there are lots of memories here.

Nagpur is growing like most other cities in India. Lot of new construction going on everywhere. The city has grown in every direction. Something unique about Nagpur is its cleanliness and quality of roads compared to other cities in India. About 4 years ago, the city was cleaned and beautified. It started looking like a new city. Unlike most other places that do not maintain their roads and cleanliness well, Nagpur has maintained it. It is an example that Indian cities don’t have to be messy and filthy. Even with its growth, it is maintaining the quality. That is very impressive.

Though Nagpur is growing, it is far from a high-tech city. I am staying in one of the most expensive hotels – Centre Point – but there is no Internet facility here. Suzi had to send some mail and the material was on her USB drive and she could not do it despite visiting two cybercafés. I am involved in a IT outsourcing company – Lambent Technology – here that is the most prominent high-tech company. I got involved because I wanted to see such activities in Nagpur. Shashi and his team has done great job in building this as a local success. But at the national level, Lambent has a long way to go.

I run into many people here who want to do things in Nagpur and make it a great place. Yesterday I was contacted by Prasad Dhurjati to discuss formation of an ambitious biotech research university here. It is truly a small world – possible smaller in places like Nagpur. Prasad was discussing his plans with a group and said he wished Ramesh Jain were in town to bounce-off ideas and somebody who overheard him said “He is and I can track down a telephone number for him� and he hid. I was really surprised when contacted because I could not imagine that somebody will get my telephone number (a new one that I got for Sudha) within hours of my getting the number.

It is the biggest city in central India and a big trading center. Now, a big Airline Hub is likely to come here – which is starting with a cargo-hub. This is already resulting in attracting some important national players here. Some International flights have already started landing here. So this place may be in for growth.

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  1. Abhijit Belapurkar

    Dear Dr. Jain,

    I have been a reader of your blog for some time now. Your reminiscing about Nagpur brought back fond memories of the place. My grandparents used to live there and we used to go there every summer for a long, fun-filled vacation.

    My parents live there now, and everytime I visit Nagpur, I am struck, just as you were, by how well it has managed to sustain its clean-city looks (my father told me the city has been winning awards for being the cleanest city in India etc.)

    I have long wondered why Nagpur doesn’t seem to interest any of the large Indian players (Infy, Wipro etc.) as a potential dev center. It has a fairly good airport (well, as good as Pune at least, FWIW) and its central location makes it very accessible by rail. Good climate (IMO, at least), schools, VRCE (I guess it’s been labeled an NIT now) etc. etc…. What’s not to like? Quite the mystery to me.

    I am looking over even as I write this 🙂

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Rumors are that Satyam has bought more than 100 acres of land to build their operations in Nagpur.

    Initially most major players focused on a few cities and Nagpur missed on that. It is likely, however, that in the next wave — that seems to be starting — it may be a major player.

  3. paresh nautiyal

    reading your blog fascinated and encouraged me by seeing achivements of fellow nagpurians , though nagpur needs people like you at this crutial stage where it can come of age big time


  4. Sunil

    Dear Sir,

    Interesting 2 read yr observation abt Nagpur.

    Every city has its own advantages and shortcomings, which goes on changing with the time .Nagpur is also not exception.

    As far as future of this city is concerned advantages are far more than shortcomings but will need some time i.e. 3 – 4 years to slowly realise the potential of this city.

    And I am sure as it has changed from 1996 to 2006,similarly
    it will be 2 different city by 2016.



  5. Jateen

    Well ‘Nagpur has finally arrieved’ Here are soem facts…

    Wipro purchased 117 acres in Nagpur
    HCL purchased 170 acres in Nagpur(1000 carore investment)
    Satyam 100 acres
    Infosys ( Rumours that they are coming since all major players have come)
    TCS planned R&D centre in Nagpur.
    Ascendas -900 carore in IT infrastructure (Singapore based group)
    Dell – 70 acres
    DLF – 154 acres
    Shapoorji Pallonji – 100 acres
    New cricket stadium of VCA at Jamtha
    CIDCO housing project of around 2000 acres
    Inox opened up Cinemax and 4 more multiplex to open in 2007
    Drdo asked for 5000 acres in Nagpur but govt. given cold response since already so many projects coming up…
    Radisson Kamat to come up with five star hotels

  6. jateen

    Add Provogue to that list.
    Provogue purchased 40 acres at Chichbhavan for a whopping 2.5 carores /acre

  7. Prasanna Shembekar

    Lambent is not the only big IT co. in Nagpur.

    1. Persistent Systems , Pune has one of its dev center in the Parsodi IT park. It is going to shift in an independednt building of its own in the IT park.

    2. Info-spectrum India Pvt. Ltd. is grwoing up fast. It has joint hands with avexus inc. USA for avaiation software development. They are laso shifting in their own state-of-the art building very soon.

    3. premier Technology group ( PTG ) also shifting to theri own building in IT park.

    4.There are other companies like Infocepts, Zeon soutions etc who are growing up fast.

    Prasanna Shembekar
    Energy Avenues
    The executive search

  8. yogita


    Though not born in Nagpur am staying here since 6 years. Have seen a lot of progress myself in this span. But the sadest part is no talent of this city wants to stay here and build competitive companies in the city itself. Everybody runs away for the cream. Who will make the cream of this city tastier and attractive for others to venture??? I myself am not happy with the kind of proffessional opportunities here. When it comes to money no one is ready to pay good for a good talented work. keeping my fingers crossed……….some day….. always keep the HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jateen

    I agree with you Yogita.But it will take some time for people to understand the full potential of Nagpur.Further the companies have invested but they are yet to start their operations from Nagpur. So once they start people will definitely come and also it will make companies there more professional about money they offer. But it will take atleast 1.5 to 2 yrs. Once any big name like Wipro, Satyam or HCL start their operations things will change very fast and that will bring more comapnies which are yet sceptical or waiting to start their operations from Nagpur……..

  10. Ramesh Post author

    Cultural and social changes always are slow — and given our Indian setting they are usually slower. Things are really on a strong positive trajectory in Nagpur (as in India — but lately seem to be faster than on average in India). It is clear that you are at the right place at the right time and the right thing is to participate in it and be patient.

  11. Jateen

    Now its the turn of Mantri’s turn to come to Nagpur..

    Mantri to invest Rs 1,600 cr in city

  12. Amol

    Good response, Nagpur is most happning city in central India, big players are coming to nagpur will definately change the face of city, more and more corporates are investing in nagpur.

    Not only names in IT companies given above, one of the company CsTech, Since Year 1998, first company with web solutions (domain hosting web development web designing) everybody depends upon mumbai delhi based company for this service, this compnay provides same quality services in nagpur. not only few name given above but this company serving 2000 clients across the globe.

  13. Europa

    I am so glad to read such positive response from Nagpur. I for one have decided to come back to the my home city after a decade. I remember taking in lung fulls of air every time i landed in nagpur.

    Its heartening to note that there are good opportunities coming up and I am hoping for a decent job here.

    Would anyone know some placement agencies? From

  14. Jateen

    Cargo Hub Delayed!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Vidarbha politicians are doign it again… CArgo hub has been delayed. A section of farmers are not ready to give their lands at govt. prices.Govt. specially Vidarbha politicians are not keen to solve this issue.MADC has not been handed over the AirPort by AAI. So we are doing it again.This last chance of development will be wasted if people do’nt act fast this project may be moved to Western Maharashtra cities like Pune or Nashik( which i seriously think is the main plot…) Shivsena which is vocal about ‘Eksandh Maharashtra’ which does’nt care a damn about suicide of Vidarbha farmers has jumped to sabotag this project

  15. Shrinidhi

    With the amount of investment that has already been poured in by both public (MIHAN) & private players in development work being carried out on site, it’s now unlikely that the process can be reversed. However political will of local politicians having national level stature(like Mr. Praful Patel representing this area) needs to be forcefully sustained all the way.

    Shrinidhi Nandedkar – Architect

  16. jateen

    ‘Political will’ is very important.It can crerate rivers in deserts.Unfortunately Vidarbha politicians never have any will than earning money by opening Engineering and Medical colleges.Also they were forced to think about Nagpur bcoz it is prominent city in central India alongwith Indore and also bcoz Mumbai and Pune are getting overcrowded.The best thing is that they do’nt looked towards cities like Nashik, Kolhapur and other western Maharashtra cities which always got money and prominence over Nagpur.Further as major cities getting costly being in central india gives wider reach for companies. Also SEZ here and city with very good infrastructure has attracted many. I always thought that cities like Nagpur, Indore and Bhopal can create a traingle to attract investment in central india which is totally untapped region as far as industries are concerned…Hope this investment environment to continues….

  17. rahul

    Dear Mr Jain,

    I am looking forward for a business opportunity in the coming days wd seek your advice abour exim business, hope you wil help me with same.

    Rahul Sharma

  18. Prashant P

    Well, I am glad to see am not the only one who cares for Nagpur so much. When ever I go on the internet, my wife will pass a comment, not again….as the first thing after hooking onto my laptop, I will key in Nagput on Google and read some news about Nagpur and tell her the great guys going Nagpur.

    It makes me feel glad that I belong to city which is organically, while still keeping the values and tradition. I’ve been working on to return back to Nagpur since past 6 years and glad to see myself moving back with family next year to expedite my activity with company that I established in 2003. Way back in 1999 when I left Nagpur, I knew that I cannot stay away longer from this beautiful city and has always dream of making big out of this our Hometown… we all fellow Nagpurion can really make it a great place in many ways such as :

    1. Spending money in all good things in the city that we otherwise would have done out of this city
    2. Encourage all innovative business owner and guide them of what best they can do within their current limit based on our own global experiences
    3. Encourage young entrepreneurs with the expert guidance that we have gained out of working around the globe.
    And many more such indicative contribution can be made even before we personally get involved to make NAGPUR a happening place to be linked with.

  19. Jateen

    I am at Pune but sad to see that many people that settled here which are originally from Nagpur does’nt think much for the city.There is a perception that Nagpur will never develop which to a great extent is also bcoz lot of promises were made by our politicians earlier but never fulfilled. Nagpur was ignored, humiliated by moving the money of its share to other cities, never got status of ‘Second Capital’ in reality its only on paper but no one bothered. Ngpur will develop if our collective urge is strong to develop it.So many people like me left Nagpur bcoz there were no higher end jobs.We ourselve are guity not tos et up or start industries there.Hope Cargo and SEZ will change that as investment continue to pour in.People now beginned to understand the benefits of beign at ‘centre’ of India…….

  20. Ajay Rathore

    Yes….you are right Jateen. Politician here are wants to eat butter on dead body. They are not hungry about the progress but wants to earn popularity for no work only. Take example of Medical University, previously it was supposed to be in Nagpur, but now it is in Nashik. There was supposed to be a railway coach factory in orange city, but its not there. Generations are changing but the status of political progress is not. Everything is in hands of political leader. MPs, MLAs of city are not struggling to the desired level. Anybody comes and slaps it. (e.g. Train services like Maharashtra express and now Vidarbha express are stolen away from city…. lots of examples ). You note down one thing that Cargo and Mihan are not going to operation in atleast next 20 years. Thats the reason real Nagpurian are not interested in fake promises shown by local politicians.

  21. Jateen

    Well Ajay you are right!!! [b] Cargo Hub is unlikely to complete or succeed[/b] There are strong political forces which are blockign Nagpur Cargo Hub.[b]Nagpur airport has’nt been handed over to MADC[/b].Now we heard that 40k investment will be coming up on Mumbai Pune Highway. I bet with anyone this project will complete much faster that Nagpur Cargo Hub. As far as Nagpur Cargo Hub is concerned, i fear that within some months time it will be shifted out Nagpur as there is not enougth pressure for this project. God Save My City!!!!!!!!

  22. Dr. Vivek Polshettiwar

    There is no good research center in Vidharba and opening of DRDO center will be great achivement. I worked with DRDO for 3 years and I know thier labs are richest in terms of facilty and projects, and the students of vidharbha will definately get benefited. Infact, if there is any DRDO opening in Nagpur, no. of scientist like me in USA will return to India.

    We all Vidharbhians should fight for the betterment of our region, otherwise we will losse everything, what we deserve.

  23. youtube

    reading your blog fascinated and encouraged me by seeing achivements of fellow nagpurians , though nagpur needs people like you at this crutial stage where it can come of age big time

  24. Vandana

    I read this blog as I am looking for software opprotunities in Nagpur.
    I was in dilemma of returning back to the city I love. I am interested in the big IT companies planning to start their centres in Nagpur in 2008. I can not go to other cities as I have 2 kids and I want to start their education in Nagpur.

    From this blog as well as the from the video on Youtube about Mihan Project, I have no doubts that Nagpur is the city I want to return to.

  25. renuka deshpande

    Mr Jain,
    I m currently working in TCS Banglore.
    Will it be possible for me to come to nagpur in fiture 1 or 2 years.
    I am desperate to come because I m from raipur which is only 5 hrs journey from nagpur

  26. Venky

    Any idea about HCL & Satyam? Where they stand when are they going to start thier operations in Nagpur.

  27. exe ocx and sys files

    I know what’s your feeling.
    I just back from my hometown.
    although I love my hometown, but the days stay there is not happy day.
    it is not a small city, but hard to get internet connection, hard to find atm!

  28. mlm training

    Good response, Nagpur is most happening city in central India, big players are coming to Nagpur will definitely change the face of city for good.

  29. Nagpur Online

    Nagpur is called the 2nd capital of Mah still its way behind Pune which is now an IT hhub with lots of companies and job opportunities.When will Nagpur develop to the same level.Lets wait and hope for the best

  30. Steve Irving


    Your post truly highlights one of the most fascinating elements of the internet marketplace today: Accessibility. I thought this post was particularly interesting because of the fact that one person could gain international exposure–especially in India.

    Throughout my career, some of the most progressive entrepreurs I have met have come from India.

    Godspeed to all the leadership that you provide on this blog–you truly connect us and give hope to those who aspire to build relationships, worldwide, with like-minded individuals.

  31. maç izle

    I agree with Milm “Good response, Nagpur is most happening city in central India, big players are coming to Nagpur will definitely change the face of city for good.”

  32. mmo

    Good response, Nagpur is most happening city in central India, big players are coming to Nagpur will definitely change the face of city for good.

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