Nagpur — a model for Indian Cities!!!

NY Times has a story about second tier cities in India and talks about Nagpur as an example of a planned city in an unplanned country. It says:

But if the government has its way, Nagpur will become a destination city itself. In an experiment that is highly unusual for this most unplanned of countries, the government is doling out money to Nagpur and other “second tier” cities to help them modernize — fast.

The plan is to provide the kind of modern conveniences, and infrastructure, that will attract more international investors to India. In doing so, the government is following the lead of China, where the government has invested in infrastructure such as roads and airports, taking a build-it-and-they-will-come approach that has drawn foreign corporations helping to fuel the country’s boom.

Very interesting read for people interested in seeing the changes coming to India.  And an important news for Nagpurians (or Nagpurkars!).  As a person interested in Nagpur, I am very happy to read this.


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