Moving from San Diego to Irvine

We have lived in San Diego since 1993. 4715 Reedley Terrace has been our address for more than 12 years. We have several memories associated with this house — Virage, Swati wedding, Suzi wedding, Graduations of Swati, Suzi, Neil, my health problems, and lot more. This is the house we called home for the longest period in our life. Before this house, the longest Sudha aqnd I lived in any house was about 4 years.

We build several friendships living here in this house. Several very close friends.

Swati, Suzi, and Neil all are in this area. This house is conveniently located between Swati (in Carlsbad) and Suzi (in downtown San Diego) and was a convenient meeting place.

So we are all kind of sad that we have to move. We are currently packing and have to vacate this house by 15th. Movers are coming on Monday to do all packing. We are already in the mode of cleaning and packing.

Our new address in Irvine will be 26 Whistler Ct, Irvine CA 92617. This house is right on UCI campus so my commute will be the best feature. I will be only a few — about 5 minutes — commute.

A good thing is that Irvine is not far from where we currently lived — only about 1 hour drive. But things are going to change. As somebody said — change is the only constant in life.
On one hand I am excited about moving to Irvine and getting things a bit organized after about 4 years (beginning 2001) of uncertainty about where to live etc; on the other hand we are all a bit sad about leaving the environment that was home for the longest period in our life so far.

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