Micro-blogs and blogs

I am coming back to my old blogging after a a few months of hiatus. I started blogging during my battle with cancer to update all my friends about my situation and after conquering cancer, continued with blog. It became a habit. But then came Tweets (from Twitter) and Status Updates (from FaceBook) and these micro-blogs gave easy options and a way to share your thoughts and opinions without thinking hard and spending more time in expressing your thoughts. And I must say that I did miss not sharing my detailed thoughts — because it also gives me a chance to think better — but it was just easier.

Lately, I have been involved in some ideas and discussions that required that I think about those. And I usually think best when explaining. And that suggested that I get back to this medium of expression — blogs. Micro-blogs are good for spontaneity; blogs are good for deliberate thinking. Micro-blogs are good for simple comments on an issue; blogs allow you to take a strong position on the issue. Clearly both have their place in self-expression.

I missed blogs for some time. But now will try to be reasonably regular so I can think better about Experiential Computing, Social Life Networks, and consumer centric health care.

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