Mental Toughness

In the football (American type) match between New England and San Diego today, it was clear that San Diego was a better team and lost.  It was also clear that Tom Brady was not in form still he made his team win.  In part he was playing terrible — 3 interceptions.  Well, the important thing is that he was the reason that New England still won.  How did this happen — one thing and the most important thing in sports and other important things in life is mental toughness.  And I could not help but notice what Tom Brady said after his performance:

“The definition of mental toughness is not letting anything get to you,” Brady said after the game. “It’s just staying focused not matter what’s swirling around you, just continuing to mentally fight through whatever obstacles there might be, whether that be a certain play or situation or a bunch of things that come up as a football player. We have a bunch of mentally tough guys. Even though it doesn’t all go well you still have to believe in yourself and have the confidence that you can go out there and play.”

There is a good lesson for Indian Cricket team here.

And yes, entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this.


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  1. Suzi

    Hi Dad, yes Tom Brady and his crew proved they have mental toughness. Even though they didn’t look that great, when it really counted, they proved they had what it takes to win. I guess that’s why they have built their “dynasty”. We were at the game and it was heartbreaking for all the Charger fans, especially Adolfo.

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