Memories, Life, and Experiences

Technology does change our life style, but the basic things remain the same. As humans, we still remain fundamentally very similar to our ancestors from thousands year ago. Our needs, passions, ego, ambitions, and spirituality remains the same. On the other hand, the human society has changed significantly with the help of technology.

Technology is now bringing some changes that are very fundamental to humans. Human life is a bundle of experiences. We experience events, and those stay in our memory. People have been trying to create technology that will allow to save and retrieve our experiences. Now it seems we are finally getting to the point where we can start thinking of projects to capture, organize, and retrieve experiences. Many projects all over the world are inspired by this idea — from Memories for Life to LifeLog or MyLifeBits are inspired by this desire. Even Flickr and Facebook are in some respect built on this desire.

More I think about this area, more it becomes clear that this is one of the most challenging problem that is now looking towards technology to solve it. Ironically, technology has enabled capture, communication, and storage of these so easy that it has become painfully obvious that we donot have technology to organize and retrieve these experiences.

2 thoughts on “Memories, Life, and Experiences

  1. Cristian

    You say such beautifull words about life, its a pleasure to read your blog. God bless you and your family. Could you please tell me more, how in your opinion human society has changed significantly with the help of technology?

  2. Tiger balm

    20 years ago… many progress in Technology..
    It’s a new communication, If you search on Internet, you find
    I don’t like facebook and Flickr, but can you live without Internet now ?
    Me, it’s my job, it’s my hobby..

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