Meeting Prof. H.-H. Nagel

I had a chance to meet Prof. Hans Helmut Nagel today for dinner. I met him after about 25 years — but during the dinner it felt that we have been meeting regularly. It was one of the most memorable dinner I ever had.

Prof. Nagel was my research advisor when I was in Germany as a post-doctoral research fellow. In many ways, he was really the person who taught me importance of doing research and how to enjoy it. In addition I learnt many things about life from him. And he is still one of the most dedicated researcher and a person who is as curious about India’s history and civilization — among many other contry’s — as he is in how to convert video in its linguistic description. He taught me how to critically think about different issues, including social issues, technically and deeply.

He moved from Hamburg, where I worked with him, to Karlsruhe 26 years ago and has been here since then.

And he looks and behaves more energetically then I do. He is trully an amazing person.
Clearly one of the most influential person in my life.

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