Media and experiences

Marshall MuLuhan had many interesting insights about media. His argument — that media are “extensions” of our human senses, bodies and minds — has always intrigued me. I read his books long ago — decided to revisit them again. Just started going thru Gutenberg Galaxy. When I looked at it first time — several years ago — I did not find it that interesting. I must have either matured or my interest in this area must have deepened because this time I find it very interesting.

Experience is the result of our use of our senses. And commonly we assume that senses are just mediums or channels. But is that true? Can we really consider them as simple channels. It appears that our senses are closely intertwined and interdependent. Any change — refinement, degradation, or changes of any other kind — in a sense has significant influence on other senses and hence on the overall experience. This is obvious, but how can a technology related to one sense may revolutionize or transform our total experience and thinking is not as obvious as McLuhan tries to convince us.

Definitely very intriguing.

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