MahaExodus: Navanirman or Satyanash

Being raised in Nagpur as a resident of Maharashtra, I have been proud of Maharashtrian culture. I identified myself more from Maharashtra than from MP from where my parents migrated. Though I migrated to USA and work in many places, I always have been proud of Maharashtra.

For the first time, I feel terrible about what is going on in such a nice state. Maharastra is definitaly one of the better, if not the best, state in the country and that is due to its residents. In these days of globalization, seeing what ShivSena and now Maharashtra Navanirmana Samiti (MNS) is doing is as bad as any in any country that one sees. See the latest News article from Times of India – only one sample. MNS is determined to become Maharashtra Satanash Samiti (MSS).

It is painful to see how such advanced thinking people of Maharashtra can be affected by some very vicious and narrow minded people. What is most shocking is the response of Government to such activities.

Such activities are sure to hinder the great progress that India is showing in the last few years. I do hope that somebody sensible comes forward to oppose these destructive bumps in our progress that has potential to become a serious obstable on the path to progress in India.

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