Living in Singapore

I am visiting Singapore to work with some top researchers, who also happen to be nice people, for a few weeks.  This is the first time I will be living in a condo so I will experience a bit of real living here.

The condo in Pandan Valley is a nice three bedroom condo — quite good and comfortable.  It is going to be an experience, however, to do real things here like getting groceries and settling down.

I did get the internet connection right on the first day — a nice thing because I was told that it takes time — so I arranged to get this started even before I came in here.  Interestingly enough, a good friend from my IIT Kharagpur days, Prof Janakiraman from SMU, lived in the apartment next door apartment a few years ago.  He was my neighbor in Kharagpur also.  He now lives in a penthouse condo in other part of Singapore — Sudha and I visited him, his wife and daughter — in our dazed (from jet lag) first day here.

This trip is definitely going to be a new experience.

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