Live Art

CNN reports on a project:

British and American computer scientists have developed artwork that changes according to how the viewer feels. Special software picks up facial cues and adapts the color and brush strokes of the digital image.

I like this. In 1997 I wrote a small piece suggesting this.

An intriguing thought comes to mind—“live�
art. Let’s say we have a “modern� painting displayed
in a real or virtual gallery. The painting may
change over time, perhaps in response to each
viewer’s facial expression or movements. Now, the
artist provided the original form, but the observed
painting pursues its own life once it has the ability
to react to its environment. Thus two copies of the
same painting displayed at different galleries might
look very different after a few months.

In this reactive environment, an artist can create
a painting that will have its own life. Then,
like life, the environment will affect the art.

This has good potential for technology as well as art.

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