LifeLesson 2: Should should come before Could

One of the most important thing in life is bold thinking. Many times we build walls around our thoughts and then think within the box created by those walls. I found that we create these walls more often than we think – in fact most of the time – and use all kind of trivial reasons to justify. This limits our thinking and the results of the thinking are definitely suboptimal, if not useless.

LifeLesson 2: When thinking about a problem or an issue, first think about what should be done. Once you have the results of your thinking, then only think what could be done with practical constraints. Should is important and should be used in initial thinking. Could should only come after Should.

All new solutions, all innovative approaches start with bold thinking without any constraints. If something is really important, then even if it is not feasible today, people will make it feasible some day.

5 thoughts on “LifeLesson 2: Should should come before Could

  1. Tobias

    you absolutely right, we have a good slogan in germany overhere, “Why making it easy, when you can do it the hard way”, when you translate it to english, i hope you understand.
    Thats why i respect the brand apple so much, because they come with great ideas, how everything can handle more easy.
    Or when you take a look at the twitter creator 😉

  2. Mobile App Development

    I totally agree with you that people always build walls around their thoughts. We really constant create these walls, it’s really one of bad featured to increase our thought and confidence level.

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