Large Scale cut-and-paste to enhance photos

It had to happen — so I am happy to read about it. To enhance an image or prepae an image one can use the large volume of photos on the web and cut correct part from those to paste appropriately to get a new photo. Of course this problem is a lot more complex than it appears, particularly because the problem of cut-and-paste is so easy in text. Researchers at CMU have two approaches towards different aspects of this problem.

Whether adding people or objects to a photo, or filling holes in an edited photo, the systems automatically find images that match the context of the original photo so they blend realistically. Unlike traditional photo editing, these results can be achieved rapidly by users with minimal skills.

This is a very interesting research direction with good challenges.

One thought on “Large Scale cut-and-paste to enhance photos

  1. Edmund

    I think watermark technologies should have a bigger market soon. Only if they make their services really affordable. That way, you can easily tell if a photo has copyright.

    So why is nobody opening up this market?

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