Knowledge Science 2

When I mentioned this term to a few friends, the reaction was usually how come there is no knolwedge science — there is knowledge management, there is knowledge engineering, there is knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation and so on. What I find interesting is that there are all these things related to knowledge, but there is no ‘science’ trying to pull them togther, trying to understand the complete eco-system around knowledge. Yet there is epistemology — but that is purely philosophical; like knowledge engineering is purely ‘engineering’ in that it assumes that knowledge is available in a particular form and then ita focus is how to develop systems to use this knowledge.

More I think, more it becomes clear that a serious effort to understand knowledge is really required. A science of knowledge May help all scientific fields. Science is all about increasing knowledge using scientific methods in a specific field. So a scientific approach to understand knoledge will definitely help all sciences.

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