Is this true about we Indians?

After we moved to Irvine, we subscribed to Z channel on Cox cable. ANd for the first time, we started getting an Indian channel. We thought that this will keep us in touch with India and Indian culture.

One thing that surprised me and I find it unbelievable are the commercials on Z. These commercials are targetted to Indians living in USA because it is on Cox cable. First a good thing and then something that really bothers me. There are some fantastic commercials for NY Life. Based on nostalgic music and simple life emotions, these commercials are truly touching and well made.

It is mind boggling and really depressing to see how many commercials are for astrology and for making a call to a Pandit Maharaj, Ajmeri Baba, or Syed Peer for solving all your problems including love life, drug by children, sickness including cancer, business failures, fights with anybody, and spell of black magic. Judging from the number of commercials on these topics it seems that all of us Indians settled in USA are suffering from many serious problems and that this country has no other solutions but making calls to these sources. And of course they guarantee that all the problems will be solved in less than a week, particularly effective is the cure for black magic that will be solved in less than 72 hours.

Do we really have these problems?
More importantly, does the supposedly most educated and highest per capita earning community — Indians from India — still solves their problem by calling a Pandit Maharaj or by going to some ‘super natural power’ and bribing them using some old established approaches?

I am really intrigued?
May be I should make a call to Baba.

9 thoughts on “Is this true about we Indians?

  1. Maharaj Baba

    yeah..its true…just came back from a lunch where my stupid manager talked about how his life was affected by a so called Maharaj Baba…He also mentioend that his horoscope did not match with that of his girl friend…so he went to a different baba maharaj to get it matched…kalyug hain bhai, ghor kalyug hain bhai…

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Ramesh,

    I have seen these ads too and the constant joke in my family is let us call Pandit Maharaj to solve so and so problem. It is just amazing how much money these people must be making to put up so many ads on ZeeTV.

    But, the thing is, when my child was very sick, at some point, I was one phone call away from calling Pandit Maharaj to get some help. Desperate situations require desperate measures! Even if there was 1% chance that he could help, I was willing to spend whatever it takes. However, by God’s grace the situation resolved and I (thankfully) did not have to make the call!

    Take care and good luck with the course on entrepreneurism. Any possibility of offering it online?


    ps: Writing as anonymous so that I dont have to reveal “.. educated and highest paid..” person who thought about asking for Baba’s help!!

  3. Pravin

    I too started seeing this ads as I recently got Z tv. I am surprised at educated Indian folks who really call and of all send money in response. But it seems it works. There must be lot of folks calling in and sending $s. Sometime probability works in these folks favor. Most of the issues must have been resolved on their own and they take the credit.

  4. VS

    I am well educated person and a strong believer of Science, yet I agree that some supernatural power exists beyond the sight of humans and by reciting mantras and slokas they do have effect on your well being.
    Besides the mantra’s also bring a self-discipline & confidence to yourself and it has been widely agreed that inner soul strenght is the solution to all problem. Thus if you have the believe and perseverance you can alwys overcome your problems!!!!!

  5. Directory

    I started seeing this ads as I recently got Z tv. I am surprised at educated Indian folks who really call and of all send money in response. But it seems it works. Sometime probability works in these folks favor.

  6. randmdesidude

    ya i know what you mean
    the ads are so funny, i mean “Solve ALL your problems within one week!”
    No practical person, much less an Indian one, would ever call these people.

  7. Michael

    I too believe that there are forces out there that go beyond science.

    Take for example the Golfer, Tiger Woods, He and many other leaders in sport utilize visualization.

    Is that not a form of energy?

    If things can change by the shear thought of the mind, I’m sure blessings and curses have an effect on this physical world.

    I am a skeptic but I have been around too long to NOT believe that energy behind someones intentions has an effect on us.

    Whether called Black or White or any type off magic, to me it’s the intentions of others that make difference and it makes sense that there is a possibility that they can counteract each other.

    Just my 2 cents

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