IPL Tournament in India

I was following IPM tournament (Cricket 20/20) on Cricinfo.com. The final was a true cliff-hanger. Rajasthan won by scoring the last required run on the last ball of the 20th over. A classic for ages!

This match was a fitting finish to a near perfect tournament — based on reports in the News media. This was the first ‘professional’ sports tournament organized at such a high level. They followed all the practices for recruiting international players that one commonly sees in USA and Europe. They even brought in Cheer Leaders from USA. It appears, though, that the concept of cheer leaders did not work well in India. The tournament was well run. And luckily it appears that games provided enough excitement.

It is really nice to see such activities executed well in India. We are used to seeing sloppy execution in different aspects of organizations. This appears to be a good beginning of well executed events. I am very happy.

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  1. India News

    You are right ! IPL was a run-away hit, although the planning was not up to mark. Hope next time round they would be better planned !

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