Internet features on TV in India

I saw some advanced features in regular consumer broadcast TV in India that are not even under plans — as far as I know — in USA.

One can routinely watch cricket match from many camera angles on regular TV using Dish service.  Either you could see the main angle or see simulataneously — by dividing the screen — from you favorite camera angles.    If you want to see bio of a player, detailed stats of the game or of past games, etc, you don;t have to sit with a lap top.  Your remote can pull those directly on your TV while the game is on.  These are all very interesting because they are combining Internet and TV — does that mean that countries like India are ahead in convergence of TV and PC?

Now ready for this — all these with lots of channels will cost about Rs 200/month — so you have to sacrifice a cup of coffee at starbucks for this service.  I pay 25 times that and don’t get these features from my cable provider in USA.

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