Indian Weddings

I am attending an Indian wedding in India after a long time. Indian weddings are a lot more ‘grand’ affair than weddings I have attended (and organized) in USA. They are long — 3 days of action — and involve lot more functions and people. They are also very expensive. Since I am currently only on the second day, I have yet to enjoy the main events.

What I enjoyed on the first day was running into some old friends — friends I had not seen for 30 years. It brings back lots of memories.

Another interesting thing about this wedding is that the bride now lives in London and the groom is a Gujarati British person. There are about 75 people from UK attending the wedding. I had attended earlier version of this wedding in London so met several people there. All these people are very friendly and affectionate. It hase been a pleasent experience.

I can not get over the logistics involved and expenses related to the wedding, however.

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  1. Mike

    What I know is that the Indian people are very passionate souls and they love to mingle or socialize with their fellows.

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