Indian Internet Future — in Mobiles

Knowledge@Wharton interviewed Rajesh Jain (a good friend of mine — an inspiring entrepreneur and a great person) about Internet and Entrepreneurism in India.  A good interview to read.  An interesting part is when Rajesh says:

 I believe another dimension will define the future of the Internet in India, and that’s going to be built around the mobile phone. Given the way that mobile phones have taken off in India during the past four to five years, I am convinced that more people in India will access the Internet through mobile phones than through computers linked to narrowband or broadband connections. We need to start thinking about the mobile Internet differently than we do about the PC Internet.

Definitely true for India, but equally true for most of the world.


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    The growth of the Internet and broadband in India is stymied not only by the low PC base in homes but also due to a lack of compelling content and services. India is a culturally diverse and multilingual country. Going by trends, the mobile phone is emerging as a strong contender to becoming the main Internet access device in India. The number of mobile users in India has grown to more than 110 million. That is nearly six times the number of PCs in the country. And the growth rate of mobiles is far greater than that of PCs–India is the fastest-growing mobile market in the world and expected to touch 300 million users by 2010. Nearly all but the lowest segment of new-generation mobile phones are Internet-capable. Indian operators are seriously thinking of pre-enabling the Internet and introducing zero-rental GPRS by charging for data usage only.

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