Indian CEOs — Pride of Nagpur

An interesting read from Times of India both about Indian CEOs in USA and about foreign CEOs in India.
And the statement about Nagpur is also right there.

3 thoughts on “Indian CEOs — Pride of Nagpur

  1. Dinesh Jain

    Ramesh, thanks for sharing this on your Blog. Yes, all of us Nagpurians are so proud of Vikram Pandit, Dinsh Keskar and others. Also like what Keskar has done in bringing Boeing MRO to Nagpur, hope Pandit will also do some thing similar for Nagpur, so that we do not get the last comment of ToI about Nagpur. Our group Nagpur First ( is dedicated to contributing towards Nagpur becoming a World class city by 2015. We invite all people who are Nagpurians or otherwise care about Nagpur to join the group.

    Thanks again for publishing about Nagpur in your Blog.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Thanks, Dinesh. Comments like the one in TOI reflect perceptions and should be taken rightly. Nagpur has to establish itself correctly.

    Do you know the irony — until 6 months ago, there was no branch of Citi Bank in Nagpur — it had about 15 branches in India. So lets hope that there will be a branch soon — I have an account in Bangoluru branch. 🙂

  3. Pankaj

    Dear Sir,
    It really makes me PLEASED to read a news in TOI regarding your efforts to bring “OUR NAGPUR” on a global map. I strongly feel that these efforts should go beyond ‘just a news’. My best wishes and active participation is with the people like you, who really think about “My Nagpur”. We understand that our region is one of the most developed region as per as the real education, intellectuality, thoughts and humanity is concern, but along with these things we do need real industrial, infrastructural and commercial growth so that our next generation will enjoy their academic and professional carrier in OUR HOME AT NAGPUR.

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