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London is a fascinating place — vibrant and very cosmoplitan. I always enjoy coming to London, but just it happens that I am here after about 6-7 years.

Todays was my second day so have not seen much of London. WIll try to do that after I finish my meetings by Wed.

It was fascinating to meet first Shruti and Aditya (my close friends –Prakash and Jayashree’s kids) and Gaurav (our nephew). They all grew up in Nagpur. What I find fascinating is that though they grew up in Nagpur, they are very different kids than more kids I know not only there, but at most places. They have grown to be young people with broad outlook and very good knowledge of different things, Indian as well as western. It is so nice to meet young people like them. When I meet such young people, I love talking to them and hearing their outlook on different things as well as the zest for life. Many times I find them a lot more interesting than their parents who are my age and hence suppose to be more similar to me.

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    I can relate to your experience talking to kids raised in another country and yeah they are more interesting to talk to. Maybe because they have a more interesting perspective in life as influenced by their environment in which we can learn new things from them. I Like interacting and talking with people of different races too because by doing so, it’s like I am traveling in their place too. Aside from that, I am able to get new ideas for my wedding favors collections. It is interesting to learn new things from people. You’re lucky to get the chance of visiting London.

  2. SEO Guru

    Its good to see that not all people shun the “new generation” and their idea’s.

    I think that the moment you fail to look and learn from other peoples energy and experience is the moment you truely do become old.

    I can only hope I still have your outlook in 30 years time 😀

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    I have never been to London… for that case, outside of the US. My wife and I have a goal of traveling to Europe within the next year and touring for atleast 1 month. From what I have seen and read, it will be well worth it!

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