In Florence

Florence, Italy is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world — and I am here for a few days to attend CHI 2008 (Computer Human Interaction). Since I had a few hours on Sunday before I get busy, I was able to be a tourist for a few hours. Took some pictures of famous Duomo and other places. This place always impresses me — is a wonderful combination of history that also has modern amenities. However I was really surprised that I am paying about $ 400/night in a hotel that does not provide in room Internet. I need to go to the lobby to use Internet.

Will start attending conference now. Looking forward to many people who are building experiential interfaces.

3 thoughts on “In Florence

  1. neil jain

    That’s interesting in such a high end hotel they don’t provide internet in the room. Even the “great” holiday inn has wireless in the rooms! Is the wireless in the lobby free and of high connectivity?

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