Important factors for India

In an interview with Forbes, Narayana Murthy expresses his opinion about what is really important for India to continue its economic progress:

Forbes: What needs to change for the Indian economy to encourage more innovation?

NRN: First of all, I believe that we have to accelerate the growth of our higher education system. Second, we need infrastructure like roads, airports, etc., so we can easily commute from home to office without getting stuck in traffic jams. We need better quality airports, so we can travel abroad and so that our customers can come easily.

But the higher education system can not grow without the elementry education system. India needs education system for masses at every level. India does have excellent Institutions for higher as well as early education, but they are all only for a small fraction of population. It will be great if the current momentum takes India to build the infrastructure, including education infrastructure, in India.

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