IIT Students

A very unusual news about contols imposed by administration on IIT students is here.  So these studnts need to be disciplined about the use of Internet. 

The Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai on Monday restricted Internet access for its students in all its 13 hostels, saying Internet addiction is affecting the academic performance of the students and even making them suicidal.

Is it surprising that students don’t like it?  Well if I were a student there I’d also say what this student had to say:

But the move has not gone down well with students who say they hate their lives being regulated. “Now they will say we need to listen to a lullaby to go to sleep,” said Rajiv, an electronics student who gave only one name.

So are they going to soon find a way to contol phones and GPRS connectivity also? 

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  1. Anurag

    A few years back it was happening in IIT Kharagpur as well (no internet from 11:00 pm to 7 am in the morning). Unlike this time, it did not get publicity then. Fortunately, they withdrew this policy when we got into final year(2006). One can hope such policies will be replicated by other IITs. More so, since IIT KGP has better reasons to do so (2 suicides in last four years, this is the reason given by IIT Mumbai for removing net for some hours of the day).

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