Ho Chi Minh City

I am in Saigon — Ho Chi Minh City – in Vietnam.  (You can see photos at http://flickr.com/photos/rameshjain/)

This place reminds me a lot of India — it is quite similar along many dimensions, from economic status, climate, development, and to some extent religiousness also.  I have been here more than a day and have been a tourist so far — now the part related to work — meeting some people from ECAI.org — will begin.

This morning when visiting the War Museum, I felt terrible and could not help thinking and feeling guitly about Iraq.  I know that in war every county behaves the same, but the Iraq war was really not needed.  It is a mistake.

A very noticeable aspect of this city is the number of two-wheeler used here.  Number of motor bikes ranging from mopeds to scooters everything is here.  And roads are simply crazy because of that — you have to experience it — very difficult to describe.


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  1. Marco

    I had the possibility to meet some people from Vietnam in former times. They are very, very friendly and diligent people. Sometimes I want to make a journey to Asia.

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