Historic Day: Today’s Election

Today is a historic day — not only for USA but for the world. No other election has been so consuming and apivotal point in the history. I am eagerly waiting for Obama to be elected as the 44th president and start a new cultural revolution in the world just by getting elected. Michael Kinsley says it very well in his Op-Ed piece in NYT:

Thanks for this healthy development go to John McCain, for choosing Sarah Palin, and to Barack Obama, for choosing himself. Also for being himself — a one-man ethnic stew. If America looks like anyone, it looks like him. Sarah Palin deserves, if not credit, then a bit of sympathy. She wants America to keep looking like a small town in western Pennsylvania around 1966. She was the last, victorious shot in a revolution she doesn’t support.

I do hope that not only Barack Obama wins, but wins by a great margin to make the message even stronger.

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  1. Web Designer

    You make a great point in this blog. I just voted about an hour ago, and I am a first time voter so this was obviously an important time. Everyone should get out and vote. I too hope Obama wins.

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